Selasa, 30 Agustus 2016

Tips to keep your lung healthy

Your lungs acts like a battery charger and controller of the body in a day to day activity, Healthy lungs supply a lot of oxygen to the blood and also helps in passing the fresh blood to heart and brain cells which helps our body to keep in active state.

How to keep lung healthy ?
Here are the few tips,which would be helpful to keep your lungs healthy.

Keep an Eye Out for Air Pollution:
Be free from all the air pollution because our lungs are so sensitive and directly or indirectly, the pollution enters inside our body and it creates holes to lungs inside our body (which leads a negative impact on our health).
The adults, teens and seniors individual are at great health risk for air contamination.

Health Hazards at Work:
the people who works in construction/carpentry and mining have a higher chance of lung problems, including asthma ,hence if possible try to be away from chemicals and asbestos ,During this work try to wear an mask and open the ventilators such that the fresh air enter into your room.

Quit Smoking:
These one is the major cause for having lung disease, as we have discussed earlier our lungs is so sensitive and smoke contains so many harmful chemical agents which directly triggers to the health issue of lungs.
While smoking you might feel the awesome, but it affects not only your health, but everybody’s who are around you.

Avoid Second-hand Smoking:
Don’t take the smoke from other hands because it will give a negative result to your health, second hand smoke is perfectly delivered the combination of tobacco then the first hand, so avoid taking it because it might certain times leads you in sickness and death.
Actually the real fact is, some of the friends exchange the cigarettes among them without knowing that it would leads to the negative impact on health.

Foods for the Lungs:
Cayenne pepper, Ginger (Adrak), pistachios, plantain leaf, black pepper and garlic is the foods that help our liver to be healthy. Cayenne peppers are best which helps in unblocking the artery.