Sabtu, 27 Mei 2017

Ginger Can Treat Prostate, Ovarian And Colon Cancer Better Than Chemotherapy

As we all know, cancer is the leading cause of death in today’s world. Usually, cancer patients undergo a chemotherapy recommended by the doctors.

This kind of therapy is extremely harmful to your health and in most cases can only worsen the condition. So, the best thing you can do to treat this life-threatening condition is to try some natural methods and remedies.

For many years, ginger was used in the folk medicine for treating almost any type of disease. This incredible plant is a great antibiotic, antiseptic and digestive. Besides fighting cancer, ginger can boost your overall health including your immunity, digestive and respiratory system.

This super-healthy plant is considered as a much better alternative than the regular chemo. It is best for ovary, prostate, and colon cancer.

Cancer-fighting benefits of ginger:

According to the Journal of Food and Chemical Technology, the effectiveness of ginger is due to its active compounds: which can provide even better results than chemo in the case of prostate, ovary, and colon cancer.

Prostate cancer:
The British Journal of Nutrition published a study which examined the effects of ginger extract compared to the effects of chemo. 100mg of ginger extract a day per kg weight manage to cure cancer in 56% of people who suffered from prostate cancer. It proved to be beneficial for belly and bones tissues, without affecting the healthy cells.

Ovary cancer
According to the Contemporary Medicine Magazine, ginger has the ability to stop the growth of ovary cancer. It is very important to start the treatment early. Angiogenesis is a process when the tumor grows blood vessels and uses them for feeding.

So, if you manage to stop this in the early stage, you will be able to cure cancer. It is recommended to start with 4g a day. The main problem here is that cancer cells can be resistant to chemo after some period of time. Well, ginger does the opposite!

Colon cancer
Back in 2003, one study by the Cancer Prevention Research Conference proved that ginger has the ability to destroy the bad, cancerous cells without destroying the healthy ones.