Selasa, 30 Mei 2017

Learn How To Properly Take Care Of Your Body And Become A Beauty Expert

In the summer months, when the legs are most often uncovered, we usually think is important to apply some anti-cellulite product.But such products, especially if they are in the form of a gel, generally make the skin dry.

The solution?

In the morning, after showering, apply anti-cellulite product enriched with caffeine, Header and other active ingredients for stimulating circulation, which are effective when the body is in motion.

In the evening, rub some cream with a strong moisturizing effect.

Are the anti-cellulite creams really effective?

Yes, especially when it comes to cellulite in the first degree, the one that is soft and not painful to the touch.

Creams, gels and foams are designed for removal of localized fat and by mitigating the effect of orange peel, they stimulate microcirculation and make the skin more elastic.

The use of such products is a great habit, but only if it is combined with other tactics: physical activity and a healthy diet.

Do facial cleansers rejuvenate the skin?

If the cleansing milk and tonic are applied twice a day, they can be a real elixir for the skin, regardless of age.

In the morning, these cleaners are used for removal of waste products of the skin that have deposited during the night and at night, they are used to remove makeup and dirt that have deposited during the day.

In addition, it is a good habit once a week to apply a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells from the skin surface and in order to perform a better oxygenation of the tissue, which is why the skin appears more relaxed and brighter.

But be cautious: skin cleansers (which should be applied to the neck and chest) should never be applied in an aggressive manner, in order not to damage the hydro-lipid film, the natural protective layer of skin.

Do you need to use special creams for every part of the body?

The basic rule for a firm, smooth skin is the regular hydration, at least once a day and after every shower or bath.

Only after that come the targeted treatments, for about a month, several times a year.

For example, spring is the ideal time to use preparations for firming the breasts or abdomen, hips and buttocks: in this way your body will be ready for the swimsuit season on time. In the summer months, it is recommended to use foot creams with soothing and refreshing action.
Do you always have to apply a day cream?

Face creams moisturize the skin, give it a shine and greater elasticity.

Although these cannot renew the collagen fibers, which eventually perish, yet they provide skin protection against free radicals and slow the aging process.

So, do not try to save on day creams.

If you apply the lip glow with fruit or chocolate flavors immediately after being removed from the refrigerator, you will experience a cold sensation, but that will also extend the life of the make-up on the lips.

In the fridge, you can also keep the cream for the face and body, as well as your lipstick.

This makeup will be pleasant for the skin, but it will also extend its durability and quality.

Keep your eye shadows and eye creams in the fridge until the autumn. Thus, they will have a solid texture and your makeup will be long-lasting.

During the summer, the skin is oily, so you should choose a matte foundation.

It is best to avoid it during the day, and use a concealer to cover the skin blemishes, dark circles and acne.

Here are a few useful tricks more:

  • With a bit of matte powder on the lips, your lipstick will last longer, but do not overdo it because your teeth will look yellow.

Instead of the usual blush, you can also use a shimmer in the summer, whose shimmering particles emphasize the cheekbones.

  • The heat makes your feet swell, so hold them raised as much as possible and prepare a cold bath.
  • For prolonged effect, make a spray for fixing make-up, or an ultrafine powder that will serve as a basis.
  • Scented body powder absorbs sweat and keeps the body fresh.

After showering, spray the powder on your neckline, shoulders and arms. It will leave a discreet smell, and you can also choose a powder with a sparkling effect.

  • As long as the summer warmth lasts, the skin is getting oily, so after washing it with plain water, you should apply chamomile tea to your face. Afterwards, apply a foundation or a moisturizing cream.
  • Paint your toenails outside, on the fresh air. In this way, you will not inhale harmful vapors and you will be able to see and correct the inaccuracies easier, using small cotton swab with a little acetone.

You will avoid static hair electricity if you rinse it in cold water. Apply a product against static electricity as well.