Minggu, 11 Juni 2017

Clear Before They Clear It! This Drink Is Able To Eliminate Cancer Cells And Helped Many People!

At present one of the diseases that higher lives are receiving each year is cancer. This terrible epidemic is exterminating a large part of the world’s population. Cancer cells have a direct and proportional relationship with our diet.

In fact, the way we feed ourselves is one of the main causes for cancer to increase and attack so many people. The components of some foods provide the environment for cancer cells to develop.

Within our body, we all contain cancer cells, some people develop but others do not. What happens is that some people because of genetic factors, blows or their way of eating create the appropriate environment so that the cancer cells can be strengthened and developed.

This environment is acid. The cancer cells inside are kept in an acidic atmosphere, but when the exterior also provides this type of “climate” they become larger and more active. On the contrary, if we increase the alkalinity of our body, this disease can hardly develop in us.

For this reason, it is very convenient to constantly monitor pH levels in our body. The healthy thing is that the alkaline part is always higher than the acids. Food hormones tend to raise the body’s acid levels, which is why all people who eat animal products have a higher proportion of cancer.

The solution to keeping this terrible disease away from us is to change our lifestyle for a healthier one where we feed on natural products that raise levels of alkalinity in our body.

Another solution is to enhance the environment where the good cells of our body develop through the consumption of the recipe that we will share with all of you today.

It is a shake based on natural ingredients, all with anticancer properties that serve both to prevent such disease and to improve our overall health. Follow the instructions we share below.portada-cure-cancer-


  • -5 Beets.
  • -2 carrots.
  • -2 celery stalks.
  • -1 lemon.
  • -1 piece of ginger.
  • -1 piece of turmeric.

How to elaborate it

Wash all the ingredients and then proceed to mix them all in the blender, add the amount of water that you consider necessary. As simple as this. Drink 2 glasses a day of this shake on an empty stomach.