Senin, 12 Juni 2017

Consume 3 Grams Of Ginger And See What Happens To Your Body In 2 Hours

Ginger is well known for its amazing benefits for your body and all the medicinal properties it possesses. It has been used in Chinese natural medicine for thousands of years.

Ginger is known as a reliable food to improve gastric discomfort, various scientific research shows that ginger is not only beneficial for stomach problems, but also has effects to combat stress, antioxidant effects to fight against free radicals and powerful Anti-inflammatory effects.


Consuming 3 grams of some food may seem little, but in the case of ginger is more than enough to perceive its benefits.

Here we show you what happens in your body after consuming 3 grams of ginger in infusion.

Time 1: In the first hour ginger will have a thermal effect on your stomach, exerting action on the stomach flora and relieving symptoms of stomach problems.

Also in the first hour our bodies have completely digested the nutrients that ginger has, and have begun the process of transportation and repair at the cellular level, the powerful antioxidants of ginger begin their journey in the process of restoring cells.

Time 2: In the second hour is when the ramifications produced by ginger begin to activate in our bodies and it is when we begin to perceive the following benefits:

  • -Ginger gingerols exert their presence by combating inflammation in the body. (Very beneficial to fight Arthritis
  • -Ginger also blocks the effects of protasgladine, a substance that causes inflammation in the blood vessels in the brain that can lead to migraines. So it reduces migraines and prevents them.
  • -Ginger compounds improve menstrual cramps
  • -Relieves gastrointestinal discomfort
  • -Very effective for controlling dizziness and nausea
  • -Combats cancer cells, helping to prevent colon cancer especially
  • -It is very effective for slimming, as it activates fat burning and accelerates the slimming process


To obtain all the benefits mentioned above it is only necessary to prepare an infusion, the ingredients of the infusion are the following:


  • -3 grams of chopped ginger
  • -1 cup of water
  • -1 tablespoon honey (optional)
  • -The juice of half a lemon (optional)


We boil the cup of water, and once it is boiling, remove from the heat and add the 3 grams of chopped ginger. Then let stand for 4 minutes. Then sweeten with honey and add the juice of half a lemon if we wish to give a better flavor and enhance the slimming properties of this powerful infusion.

Consume this drink once a week and you will notice a great difference and improvement in your general health.