Jumat, 09 Juni 2017

Important Alert! Propolis-As The Best Healing Substance And Home Remedies

Propolis is a substance of brown color, sweet smell and sour taste made by the bees who use it to cover the fissures that occur in their lives.

The history of propolis as a healing substance

The use of propolis for healing purposes is not recent since in the civilizations of ancient Egypt and Greece, its antiseptic and healing properties were known and therefore they were used in applications to combat numerous diseases. Aristotle, even in his History of Animals, refers to this substance calling it “a remedy for skin infections, sores, and suppurations.”

In Rome,  was also very important, even reflected in his mythology when he notes that Jupiter transformed the beautiful Melisa into a bee so that it could produce a miraculous healing substance: propolis (“defender of the city”).

It appears even mentioned in the Koran and it is known that the Incas used propolis to treat febrile conditions.

In the twentieth century, the use was massive in two important war battles. In the War of the Boers (1899-1902), in South Africa, and in the Russian Revolution. In both cases, an ointment based on propolis and vaseline was applied to the wounds not only for an antiseptic purpose but also healing and regenerating tissues.

Recently, studies have been carried out, especially in China, where it has been possible to detect the efficacy of propolis in the treatment of hypertension, atherosclerosis and cardiac conditions.

Research in America, Poland, and Russia has demonstrated something our ancestors already knew; Which through can treat acne, hives, herpes, abscess formation and other skin ailments.

Likewise, it has been found that fights some types of bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. Therefore, it is an ally against conditions such as otitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, urinary tract infections, and periodontitis, and because it has a free antiradical activity, it inhibits oxidative processes, which is an important element against aging.

Remedies with propolis

Acne remedy: Rub the affected area with a gauze in which four drops of propolis tincture or the contents of two ampoules of propolis have been poured.

The remedy for mouth ulcer Performs gargles with the contents of three drops of tincture in a glass of water.

The remedy for a toothache Wet a cotton ball with tincture of propolis and place it on the affected tooth. The pain will disappear, in about twenty minutes.

The remedy for throat infections Performs gargles with the contents of three ampoules of propolis in a glass of water.

Remedy for Nasal Congestion: Pour in a cup of water that is boiling 1 tablespoon of mauve leaves and add a few drops of propolis. Cover, strain and let cool a little. Drink 1 cup when still warm to hot

Remedy to strengthen the hair: Mix 3 drops of cypress essence, 3 of rosemary essence, 2 of tincture and 1 tablespoon of almond oil. Perform gentle massages on the scalp and then wash with the usual shampoo.

The remedy for Helicobacter pylori Dilute e15 drops of propolis in 1 glass of water. Drink a glass daily for 1 week. After that time, rest for a week and then resume again for another week so on.

Other applications of propolis

Natural cosmetics are also used to make beauty creams (night creams, make-up milk, body milk and anti-wrinkle preparations), deodorants, due to their pleasant odor and in shaving lotions, is used for being Antiseptic and anesthetic properties.


It is not easy to get pure propolis. Extracts are usually found in the form of ointments, tinctures, ampoules, and pills. In any case, those who have a content percentage greater than 20% should be acquired.

Some people are allergic to propolis. Because of this, caution should be exercised when consuming it as a food and when using it externally for the first time, it should be tested on a small area of the skin to see if, after a time, it produces some hives or swelling.